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Saturday, January 10, 2009

God moves in fictitious ways (updated)

Everyone seemed to enjoy the Christmas Film. Some enjoyed it too much and decided to copy it for real.

The Christian Voice has complained to the ASA about the advert above which was funded by the British Humanist Association and Richard Dawkins - but written by comedy writer Ariane Sherine. They claim that there is plenty of evidence for god so the advert "breaks rules on substantiation and truthfulness"

Typical - you try and write something outrageous and then real life goes and tops ya!


Richard Dawkins featured the film on his website. With this message -

Tim Clague created this film two weeks ago, BEFORE Stephen Green complained to the Advertising Standards Agency about the bus campaign, indeed before the bus campaign was launched. Tim Clague's satire anticipated the preposterous reality, which makes it even funnier.

Watch Ariane Sherine discuss why she wrote it here.
Thanks to Emma for spotting this.


Near by said...

also a bit daft for atheists to pivot their message on the word 'probably'....

Tim Clague said...

Well in this case it was wise I feel. Just from a legal standpoint!

scottishgeologist said...

The film is excellent. Well done. And Dawkins' point about the fact that it was made BEFORE Stephen Green got all precious about the advertising campaign - brilliant!

Keep them coming!

And Happy New year!

The man with no hat said...

Thankyou Tim, that was hilarious. Funnier than Mr. Bean, probably!

Tim Clague said...

I damn well hope so - but not as funny as Mr Vista obviously