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Monday, January 12, 2009

Back despite popular demand not to bother

After a short break Mr Vista is back. If you don't know (and why should you) this is a short viral-style set of shorts comedy sketches created by myself, Andy Marsh, Shaune Fradley and features Jonathan Rhodes (whom I met at the Berlinale Talent Campus a couple of years ago) and a few others such as The Gorv.

It has no reason to exist - we do it for giggles and to learn more about this exciting new way of getting films out there. It features a geeky central character who finds IT and computer cliches (like a progress bar) creeping into his real life. Geeks, comedy, the web - it kind of all slots together.

Best thing about Mr Vista so far: Because I edit up the episodes as I go it means the character is slowing changing and evolving, becoming more downbeat. Which is a surprise even to me.

Best thing about the next series: This features ideas and scripts from other bloggers and Mr Vista fans. So it really is truly a film2.0 project.

Biggest surprise for me: I have found I enjoy writing the Mr Vista blog and the movie descriptions MORE than writing the episodes. I guess because unlike writing scripts I can have fun with wordplay and intricate descriptions.

Below is a teaser for the next season - and my 'descriptive writing' from the blog.

Yes! He is back. At last, finally, after all this time. He returns like a great blue hat wearing superhero with his green progress bar shaped cape fluttering in the wind of time. Yes back, better than ever.*

Well nearly. In fact he isn't. But he will be. Soon.
The progress bar of editing is the most erratic of all. But he will be back next week, right here.

In the meantime I found this never before seen episode left over in the 'trash'. I guess it is left over as it isn't funny, poignant or even interesting. But tough. Here it is anyway. And it will help you get the taste of failure and ineptitude back in your mouth so you can fully enjoy next week's brand new 'adventures'**

*not legally binding, you may indeed decide he is more juvenile, puerile or facile than ever.
** not strictly adventures as nothing ever happens

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