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Monday, December 01, 2008

Pitch in Time

I'm also through to the final ten of pitching competition at next year's Screenwriters Festival.

Which is nice for me as I therefore get in free. But of no use to you. Which is no good. So in the spirit of the blog I thought I could at least share my entry so you can prepare your ridicule in advance.

Delete Friend?
25 word pitch
Children’s TV series. After deliberately spreading a facebook virus Jade must visit everyone of her on-line friends to apologise. But is everyone who they seem?

150 word synopsis
Jade is a menace to her friends, in real life and on-line. But when she goes too far and deliberately spreads a virus across a social networking site she becomes the media hot topic.

The internet companies want to make an example of her. The school want her out. Even the politicians want to show that they are on top of childhood antisocial behaviour.

So a plan is hatched. Jade must visit every single on-line ‘friend’ in person and apologise.

A childhood ‘road movie’. A physical journey each week to find the friend and make them forgive her, that’s if they really are who they said they were! But also an emotional journey for Jade to learn empathy, understanding, tolerance and how we are all inter-connected.

“Byker Grove”, “My Name is Earl” and “Straight Story” come together with massive television / internet crossover opportunities.


potdoll said...

love it.

Harry said...

Loving your work dahlink.

Elinor said...

Me too. Fab!

Paul Campbell said...

That's brilliant (both the news, and the pitch)

laurence timms said...

That's a goldarn neato idea. I hope you get up there and blow them away!

Tim Clague said...

Thanks all. Cheer for me Laurence!

laurence timms said...

I will! Doubly so, since my submission sank without trace :)

Helen Smith said...

I love it - very clever.