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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Free Faintheart - The writer gives his view...

Yesterday I mentioned the news of the film Faintheart being available free. And if you want to make sure you see it free at your local flicks then they have a map to make yourself known on! Vote here!

The writer David Lemon got back to me with his view on this release strategy. Here is what he said...

I'm really glad Faintheart is getting seen.
Obviously I'd have been happier with the original plan of a longer theatrical release (which was still the plan when I spoke at the Screenwriters Festival in June) but there's nothing worse than having made something that just sit on a shelf -or hard drive- gathering dust.

So, 'my take' on all this...difficult to say, Tim. There are aspects of the production process that I think might have worked better- and in that I'm including my script (what writer is ever 100% happy with their work?) but would those changes-in-hindsight have guaranteed a theatrical release?
The short answer is 'no'. As we both know, film production and guarantees rarely go hand in hand.

On the positive side, this sort of online/one day theatrical release is a first of sorts and should help drum up awareness for the DVD release shortly after.
We've also had some pretty good reveiws, not least for the BIFA winning Eddie Marsan (who's in so many films and tv shows of late I suspect he's cloned himself).
I also got to walk on the red carpet up in Edinburgh with the likes of Shane Meadows and Sean Connery, which is pretty cool- and, in the long term, now have a few producers actively interested in developing projects with me.

-And as you pointed out, we did audition online and involve the public in the production process, so the free screenings are a nice way to thank all the myspace and re-enactment folk for their time, passion and weaponry.

Hope that's cool with you.

Oh-and Merry Christmas!

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