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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Broken mac

I may be less bloggy for a while as my Mac has 'bit the dust'. The image above isn't actually my mac (I stole it from here) but is more dramatic to look at. Mine has simply stopped working due to a flood through the roof. I have much more detail around this personal story but I'm sure that that simple synopsis more than enough for now. You don't need the full treatment!

The good news is that I am a back up nerd. So no data loss at all. I hope that you are all the same! The better news is that this random event has afforded me a rare chance. I have lived, partially, the experience that my characters go through in my Red Planet competition TV series called 'Off'. Here is part of my synopsis / pitch for it...

What would happen if everything had to be switched off for 10 minutes?
The mobile phones. The television. The radio. The internet. Everything.
Everything that we use to bind us together. The things that hold our society together even though none of it existed 20 years ago. What would those 10 silent minutes be like? And then what would happen if they didn’t come on again? What would happen if everything stayed “ OFF ”?

So what about me? What happened to me when the computer stayed off? Here are the phases I went through:

1 - Straight away I felt at a loss. What do I do now? Confusion.
2 - Then came an effort to circumvent the system, to cheat the problem. I got my emails on my iPhone and am writing this blog elsewhere.
3 - After that I looked for things to fill the vacuum. Doing other things. Making script notes on paper. Catching up on films to watch etc. As if to say, "hey, I don't care anyway"
4 - Anticipation - I'm getting ready for when things return to normal.

So 4 phases. What will be interesting will be using those 4 phases in the script but at a more exaggerated level. Characters can live these day to day but with a much higher impact on life than just one machine going wrong. For them it is everything. And of course, as you may guess, things do not come back on. So their anticipation is short lived.

As I stuck in phase 2 I'll see you around!

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