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Monday, November 03, 2008

The small films who could

warwick davis
This post is about celebrating that it can be done.

Yes - the times are changing. Yes it is tough out there. But then film makers are tough - so that's okay.

The above photo is of Warwick Davis signing DVD copies of Small Town Folk
, a funky feature made local to me. It was made for no budget. Just by sweat, ingenuity and down right cheekiness. But there it is. In the shops! And Warwick signed my Willow VHS too!

The following poster is a film made by a great Cannes contact - Rob Pratten of Zen Films. It is called MindFlesh. And here is the email he sent to me...

Of course I hope that you'll buy a copy of the film but if it's not for you, you can still help by forwarding this email to friends and others for whom MindFlesh might be their cup of tea!

Now that is the face of new marketing ideas I feel. No hard sell. You can download direct from him. Just positive messages. And most importantly both these guys did these films with good spirit. They don't have to be hardnuts or screw people over. So cheers to you both.

Last note - both of these films lie somewhere in the horror genre. Word on the street is that this genre may now be saturated so time to seek a new one all you low budgeters. Perhaps perky teen films? Not sure.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning us Tim - really appreciate it.
I thought you might be interested this graph I put together about the number of horror films made in the past ten years.