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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The next big genre is...

Thanks to Robert at Zen Films for this chart. As you can see, perhaps that old favourite of the low budget film maker, Horror, is in recession too. It is suffering a monster munch credit crunch.

But as you know my philosophy is that people want to see films and people want to make films. So that only leaves the question of 'what genre'. My guess (and it is an emotionally based guess) is "Children's".

Watch out over the next 2 years for a kid overload. You read it here first.


Anonymous said...

somebody on the inside told me films with some sort of "treasure" theme are going to be super hot for awhile

David Lemon said...

I hope so- and frankly it surprises me British producers don't make them. Yes, they cost more than gritty social realism, but who wouldn't want three generations shelling out for the same film?

They're also probably the toughest thing to crack as the best are incredibly multilayered (anyone who thinks Wall-E is 'just a kids film' is a fool, and I pity them like a weedy, white Mr T)

And the fact I'm writing a film for children next year is a complete coincidence...

BTW well done on the son of a pitch, you son of a gun.

Tim Clague said...

Yes indeed. Good economically and still a good challenge for writers. I watched KungFu Panda last night. Top action scenes too!!!