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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Never the music

Now I don't like music. But...

Here is an idea from the music world, one that Jont has been running. He does gigs. But he does them in people's houses. He provides the gig. They provide the location. They advertise it online. People show up. That's it.

Kind of cool in a rock n roll freewheelin way. But could you do the same thing for film. I think so. Enough people now have big enough screens to have a kind of cinema experience. A film maker turns up, dvd in hand, a pair of red curtains and a bit of showbiz pazzazz and shows some great shorts - comedy style I would suggest. Perhaps skype in some of the other directors and then have a damn good knees up afterwards.

While touring around perhaps make a road movie film too. Or a film featuring everyone at the show as an extra. Loads of ideas.

I might put this forward for funding. So what do people think of that as an alternative distribution idea. Get on the road! Kind of counter intuitive to the benefits of film - but exciting at the same time.


Anonymous said...

I concur.


Jean-Philippe Drecourt said...

Four Eyed Monsters had a similar idea... As far as I remember it worked pretty well. It's kind of outsourcing the marketing to the fans. Great idea!

Tim Clague said...

That is true. Something like that, but more of a road trip.

Julian Perrera said...

I like this idea alot.

In a way filmmakers can't complain about not being able to get into theaters if so many people have home theaters.

You could do this with of without the touring part, you could just treat willing people's home theaters as real theaters and sell tickets through them. Why not?

Tim Clague said...

Could do that Julian - I think that would work too. But personally I feel that there is something much more exciting and urgent about a real physical tour, better for publicity etc.

Also I've been talking about this idea to a few others - perhaps adapt it slightly so that during the tour we make one movie.

So at each event we watch the great short films and then watch the tour film so far - it could be a doc or could be a drama. It is, of course, unfinished and then together we shoot the next scene or element of it.