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Monday, October 27, 2008

New title: F*** the procrastination tag - here is some advice

I've been busy recently. So blogging has slowed. However that made me think of...

This video that I made recently. It is about how to fit as much into your time as possible.

The good news about time is that no one has an advantage over you. The Coen Brothers don't have more time than us. William Goldman doesn't. Chaplin didn't. So, as struggling writers we can at least take a quantum of solace from that.

So, how do we get the most out of our time then.

Well this video picks up an idea I got from a guy called Tony, who works at a very busy hotel. It talks about splitting your tasks in rocks, pebbles, sand and water - so you can jiggle them around in your 'jar of time'.

All good fun. But the hard part is what are your rocks? Well I always think back to the Scriptwriters Life for that kind of thing. Get rockin'


potdoll said...

so you don't procrastinate and rub goose fat all over your body? don't believe it.

Tim Clague said...

tis true enough!