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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Guess what film this Japanese poster was advertising? (result now in)

This was a real poster for a western film (in the 80s) - but which one???

Just goes to show how much the audience and the marketing make the film what it is - as much as the writing and directing do! The winner gets a signed photo of Mr Vista but please don't let that stop you entering.

Answer: American werewolf in London


OnMeJack said...

is it an american werewolf in London?

The Uncle said...

Damn you onmejack, you beat me to it! Which is lucky come to think of it as I really don't want a signed Mr. Vista poster :-)

OnMeJack said...


Yay me.

Tim Clague said...

Indeed. Steve wins. It was American Werewolf in London. I'm sure the wolf up the nurses skirt gave it away - we all remember that scene!!!

OnMeJack said...

to be honest my favourite scene is where the turn water into wine straight from the tap.