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Monday, September 15, 2008

Interactive Emotions

My old friend, interactive writing fan, published novelist and teacher Jim Pope comes in to see me - interested in my recent character randomiser work and knowing I'd been bigging up interactive work like that of Ze Frank and interactive writing like that of Steve Morrison.

He said its always good to come and see me as he never knows what he'll get. It is like my brain is "like that crazy bar out of Star Wars"! I think it is a compliment.

Anyway, the discussion with Jim about interactive writing gave me a revelation style insight.

We think of the interactive element of a story to be plot related only. We the audience interact with the plot. Example: For this to happen click here.or To do this turn to page x And so on.

Is this satisfying? Not always. It means the storyteller can't really lead you on a fully rounded adventure.

What my work on the character randomiser showed me was another way. A 'change the emotion' way. For example a sliding bar on screen all the time that showed how angry you were about the situation. Slide it up to heighten the scene. Lower it to diffuse the scene and move on more quickly. The plot stays almost the same for everyone. Yet the experience is different. Has this been done before? I haven't seen it. So that might be a new project in the offing.

Imagine writing that? Insane!


The Uncle said...

If your mind really is like the Mos Eisley Cantena then tell me... did Han Solo really shoot first?

Tim Clague said...

You know he did. The evidence has been tampered with dude