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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Are you a rummager?

I always liked BagPuss.

And the passing last year of Oliver Postgate made me think about this again. Especially as someone said to me that some of the ideas coming out of this blog - like beachcombing and storydust - actually equate to being a junkshop owner.

They are all about collecting bits and pieces that look interesting to us and hopefully we can see to others. But instead of glass doorknobs and strange victorian toys we collects great lines of dialogue, odd character motivations, funny things people say, eye catching images and bizarre sounds.

But does that tendency transfer to 'real' life? I bet it might. I bet you are naturally a hunter of the odd. So, are you a rummager when it comes to car boots and junk shops?

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David Lemon said...

My small London flat has probably curbed my worst excesses, but yes, I'm a definite rummager. I've got boxes of postcards (lots of fine art ones back when I was at college and desperate to impress) and really love old wind up tin robots.
Maybe one day I'll open a shop like Brian Cant in 'Bric-A-Brac'.
PS Just watched 'The Mouse Mill' ep of Bagpuss. Such a charming programme.

Tim Clague said...

I knew it - I'm onto something here I think!