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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Some great advice on SPEECHwriting!

My good friend and speechwriting guru Brian Jenner asked me do him some viral style clips for him. So I did. They turned out well I reckon. You can a whole load on his youtube page if you are thinking of doing a speech soon. And he'll be trotting them out on his blog over time.

A few pieces of advice - upload them all, trickle them out. The reason being that if someone likes the first video they will want to see more, straight away. Makes sense. I also followed the rule of trying to make the half way point an interesting image, as that is what Youtube uses as a thumbnail. Lastly the simple black backdrop makes these small images stand out and the whole series has a standard look. Jobs a good un.

Personally I like creating material like this. It really is in the spirit of sharing and film 2.0 This is just Brian's advice to use if you wish. No pressure to buy, no big up. Just good sense.

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