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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Update on stuff and whatever you know

Just a quick round up of my live projects that continue to get enquires but I never get around to mentioning on here. As ever I hope to be saying it 'as it is' so others may learn from my frontline adventures...

Circumference. The script for Circumference is in the quarterfinals semifinals of the Scriptapalooza competition. The funding idea itself still continues to draw interest but not any bottom line cash. So only a minor success here so far. I believe that 3 years after I raised the idea the rest of the industry has finally caught up. However I was hoping to use this gap, this headstart, as a way of bringing in newer talent. As ever (and understandably) the people who have managed to launch similar projects successfully have done so by teaming up with more established institutions. For instance if C4 had been behind the idea it would have been done by now. Lesson learnt - keep in with the 'old boys' but continue to have 'new boys' ideas.

Eight has been ripped and is available to be pirated here. I've made it at last! This film is nearly 10 years old now. And it still gets attention. It just goes to show that films are a good investment in the long term - but only if you keep them alive.

Mr Vista, the online downbeat comedy series for geeks had a few personal goals. I wanted to get a series that had a least quarter of a million views, would act as a good viral showcase and would break even in terms of funding. A partial success here. Audience wise we are slightly short - coming in somewhere around 150k views. Not too bad. It has opened a few doors for me to get some commissioned virals, but only in the few 100 quid bracket. And it is breaking even just - enough to fund a second series though. Some sources of advertising are drying up however and I wonder if I am seeing a trend (or just a dip) in falling video ad spend. Perhaps the competition has simply caught up at last and there are more film makers and films competing for the same money???

10 Seconds still gets picked up for various screenings and also on-line showcases like here. In fact both 10 Seconds and Mr Vista form part of the Media Guardian Viral Awards. You can watch them again below if you are new / feel bored / feel charitable to let me win. This may be the first ever competition where the winner simply has to get the most views. Never mind the quality feel the width! I should have entered a ten second shot of my ass and seen if I could won with that.


Anonymous said...

I really appreciate all your ideas and experiments, Tim. And that you post your experiences too.


Danny Stack said...

Excellent news re: Scriptalooza!

Tim Clague said...

Cheers Rob. And thanks to you Danny for all your hours of help re: Circumference