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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Screenwriters Festival: Epilogue

I've got some great guest speaker talks to upload over the next few weeks including some inspirational advice and helpful techniques. But here I simply wanted to give an overview of the festival and say thanks to all the great writers I met. Three thoughts...

One: TV is still the traditional route for writers. But TV isn't what it used to be and is really struggling. The shows that used to be the good training ground (soaps etc) are now under so much pressure they can't develop writing talent like they used to. Which everyone says is a shame. But there you go. The end.

Two: Writers forget their craft in person. Guys - if you are giving a lecture then remember the story telling devices that you use everyday. Don't leave them at the door! Some talks lacked the powerful presence and intrigue that you knew the writers had. If I had to give over some of my money to a writer based on their performances on stage I'm not sure I would have done. Everything is an opportunity to show off craft.

Three: You have to go your own way. Other people are successful because they are who they are with all the things that have made them unique. You can't be Mike Leigh. Because Mike Leigh is. So what do you do that others don't? Do that.
Bonus thought: Writers can talk. Poor old Stuart even lost his voice!

Pics stolen from Lee Thomson and Jason Arnopp.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Screen Writer's Festival 2008 was a worth while experience. Among a host of speaker's, Julian Fellowes, Tony Jordan and Kay Mellor, all were extremely inspirational.

They each reminded not to give up writing, also to send scripts out looking their best. I'm happy to read others on Writer's Dock Co. Uk. Though, make it exciting... You will often get feedback and constructive comments.
Good Luck in the coming year.
C Keal.