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Monday, July 21, 2008

Film 2.0 ideas going on right now!

A great guy that I did meet at the Screenwriters Festival was David Lemon, writer of the new film Faintheart. David's a great guy and a very supportive and open writer. So no dirt to dish there. For shame.

Therefore, instead this post is about how Faintheart got made. Hazzah!

Faintheart was the film that came out of the MySpace Movie MashUp competition last year. So a quick turn around as you would expect with a social networking project. Just a recap; the movie mashup was an open competition where directors could upload their showreel with a chance to direct this £1m film. The same for actors looking to be in it. Composers etc.

This system does kind of work. Chris R Wright from Small Town Folk landed a part for instance which is really a great boost and a fantastic opportunity for him.

But in another way it doesn't work. The winning director was Vito Rocco. I'm a fan of his short film Goodbye Cruel World (which you can watch here) and I think he'll be great for Faintheart. The winning director simply had to get the most votes and the most views. However Vito had the backing of Slingshot (a film production company) who put 3 interns on the job of getting people to vote.

At first my thinking was - that's not in the spirit of it. But then my thinking changed to 'Hey, if its a level playing field then lets get in there'. In other words - I should have been equally agressive.

On related news; Alex Jovy has set up his own way of using the film 2.0 vibe. Voting, ITV style. Vote for the people who audition. It's all over at An interesting model, but personally not for me.

If you know of any more mashup / film2.0 then let me know. If your interested in a cheekly little competition then check out Mike Figgis with his 'tell a story in 5 photos' effort over at Sony.

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