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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dr Horrible's disastrous adventures in cyberspace!

As a quick follow up to yesterday enjoy while you can Dr Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog. As Dim mentioned in his comment there are connection issues as this seems to stream rather than progressively download.

What is really weird (yes, weird enough to be put in bold) is that this is hard to find online. The makers seem to have done deals with iTunes and MySpace that limits the viewership to various platforms for various parts of the world. Very confusing. And very old school. And crap.

That to one side, its not a bad romp. As writers though there is something extra to enjoy here. And that is the simple fact that if you wanted to write about a musical about crap superheroes where would sell that? Come on, do you think the BBC would commission it. Well now at least you have a chance. So all hail the horrible!

Just to add context this is from Joss Whedon to wrote Buffy - so he has a head start.

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