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Monday, July 14, 2008

Phone Philms

David Lynch says this...

But that reminds me of a post I've been wanting to write for a while about the benefits of watching a film on the phone. Yes, that's right - the benefits.

Initially I agreed with Lynch. That a small screen was a small experience. That perhaps the only up side was convenience. If you couldn't see a film in another way, due to time, then it was a poor substitute - but never mind, just live with it.

However, there is something else. Something great about using the phone. Something that I didn't imagine would matter. An unexpected upside. It is the fact that you hold it in your hand, that it is close, personal. You are holding the fictional world in your palm and only you can see it and hear it. Other people are around you. But they aren't invited (unlike the cinema) - it is just you and the story. On your own.

That up close and personal interaction with the screen suits some stories and not others. That is obvious. Imagine an Alan Bennett monologue. That would be a very intense experience. 2001 - wouldn't be.

So it is a new way to reach an audience in a new way. And not worth dismissing completely. In the same way TV is not cinema. It's different.

But its still about people and their stories. So we should be writing for it. Phone films - or should it be Phone Philms.

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