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Monday, June 23, 2008

Small Town Folk

film poster
Small Town Folk is a film I've been following for a few years now. I first met the film makers when they came along to one of my script writers workshops. They have been making this film for 4 years now. But it is out today on DVD and you can get it here.

Today we all went down to HMV and I banged on the counter and demanded a copy which everyone signed for me. Sweet.

I mention it really because, as writers, as film makers, as web film makers, it is important we celebrate these moments. It keeps us going and inspires us. This film was made for zero budget, in spare time and with passion. Now its out there. It is the greatest film ever - of course not. But it does have a unique style and Peter Stanley Ward, the director, has used his own location of the New Forest and run with it. He has taken a Deliverance theme and shifted it to his home turf and maximised the potential of his resources.

Here's to their next one.

(apparently the film has been bootlegged - that's when you know you've made it!)

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