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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ideas sponge

Over at the film 2.0 project Mr Vista I need your help. So far we've had a few Vista fans (is that vistarenos, nah, how about vistarites or even better, yep, vistarons) already send in ideas for series 2 of the big V man's adventures.

So far...

Mr Vista and the microwave dinner
Mr Vista and the satnav
Mr Vista and the air raid bunker (!)
Mr Vista and the incredible disappearing pay cheque
Mr Vista and the full bladder
Mr Vista and the vision of tomorrow
Mr Vista's guide to MSN smilies for the real world

If you have an idea for a Mr Vista episode then leave them here by the end of June.

Over to you Vistarons.

1 comment:

Lynn Clague said...

Mr Vista as King Canute