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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How to work on New Ideas - in animation form

As you know recently I've been working on a question. The question is; how can work ideas up into projects.

A good question. One I would ask. But luckily this is a paid gig as well.

In past posts... ZeFrank had a go at answering, via the medium of a catchy song. And I did some interviews around the subject too with the Dailymotion dudes.

Well. Ta-dah. Here is what I handed in, at vast expense, to the corporate clients who wanted to know the big answer. How do we make ideas work for us. As writers and all round talented geezas we probably know this, perhaps subconsciously. So you may enjoy this cheeky refresher and wonder why people in business find what we do naturally - to be so hard. Of course, in return, I steal plenty of ideas from them - that's where things like The Scriptwriter's Life comes from.

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