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Monday, June 02, 2008

How to be a keymaster

Last time I wrote about the new gatekeepers - or what eventually I concluded were a group of people who needed a new name. Perhaps spotlighters - people who throw the follow spot of attention onto certain films.

So today's post is about - how do we work as filmmakers with spotlighters? Four tips have come out of my discussions with various spotlighters:

One:Recency is everything.
If you are trying to get spotlighters to look at your film it had better not have been up for more than 4 days. If it has, delete it and upload it again - unless it has had loads of hits.
Two:Be a tart.
Cross posting is not usually frowned upon. Exclusives are not expected but they may be requested. Spotlighters assume you may have uploaded elsewhere and are cool with that. That way, an offer to make it exclusive to a certain site becomes a bargaining chip.
Three:Serial Killers
A series of films is more attractive than a one off.
Four:You know - actually... speak
Everyone is on line. No one phones. So phoning up makes a difference, a real difference. Email, in this case, is for the great unwashed. Cut through the crap and get on the phone.
Five:Tomorrow's news, today!
Talk about future plans. I spoke to Dailymotion about Mr Vista 3 weeks before we even shot it.

Good luck and get uploading.

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