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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Battle or Ballet?

A long time ago (2 months!!!!!) Chris Stack wrote about a book he had read called "A History of American Screenwriting"

Here is a quote from the book that he liked. And I blog about it now as it has stayed with me as a thought. It is discussing the relationship between Orson Welles and Herman Mankiewicz:

Screenwriters mourn their entire careers over their failure to meet that one director, that one empowered, inventive, and most of all sensitive filmmaker who could understand the writer's most profound ambitions and serve as a spur and a goad, a best creative pal, to bring them out. So too, on their part, directors wish for that one writer who could put down on paper for others, make a narrative out of the magnificent, never-seen-before images that flash through their consciousness in their half-sleep, what gordon craig called his "left-handed ideas". This rarely happens. For all the talk of collaboration in filmmaking, the metaphor is most often battle...success, if it comes, derives from a random coupling, an ad hoc agreement on goals and intentions plus extraordinary luck.

I like it because this idea of 2 people working together (in battle or in ballet) extends far beyond the film world or this specific relationship. And whatever our own minor battles if we share a clear goal - we'll be okay.

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