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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

When is a big idea not a big idea?

Is an idea right or wrong? Is it big or small?

Is the structure of Memento (as a completely random example) a big new idea, or a small one? That's what a lot of people ask us to discuss. To bring big new ideas. But the problem, but also the good news around this issue is - this needs to be looked at from a different perspective.

You can only judge the amount of meaningthat an idea has to you.

How much meaning or relevance does it have for you? That is the only way to measure a new idea. How much does it mean to you? How much impact does it have - to you? The new feature in multimap. Is it a radical idea, a big idea, a great idea. We cannot say. But if it changes the way you like to use it - then its a good idea. If it changes how you live your life (somehow!) then it's a great idea.

In other words, if you like it, go for it. It's great!


Lucy said...

Memento's main plot goes backwards, its sub plot goes forwards - paying off with NEVER ANSWER THE PHONE where the two plots "merge" and Leonard Shelby realises what he has done. Main plots go forwards normally, is it *really* such a big deal that Memento's went backwards?

As a writer I would say it was inevitable someone would structure a film like this - and that people had done before and will again. As a WATCHER of films however I would say Memento WAS big idea, because it not only did the backwards-thing, it did well and dramatically. That's the essence of big ideas to me: it's not just done, it's done well.

Does that make sense?

Tim Clague said...

It does make sense.

But I suppose if I follow my musings in my post then the answer to this can only be...

...that still just makes it a big idea to you. Yes, I may agree its been done well. But if it does mean anything to me - then it will never be a big idea.

I suppose in some ways this post now seems over blown. The message is so simple I need not have posted it - ideas are subjective. They really at least 75% on the receiver.