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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

That's why I invented the web

From Tim Berners-Lee...

There are more web links then there are neural connections in your brain. So share your ideas and put them out there.

The moment of genius in your mind is when you join up 2 seemingly unconnected thoughts suddenly in a new way.

But what if you have half the idea in your brain and the other half is in someone else's? Well, that's why I invented the web.

Well apart from the fact that it will always seem odd for someone to say that phrase I think T B-L is onto something more than advocating some sort of omni-mind.

As writers and creatives we don't like to share too early. We prefer to put our arms around our notebook and get ready to shout "please sir he's copying my homework sir"

Instead we should be seeking the other half of the idea.

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