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Friday, May 09, 2008

Learning stuff - me clever

So what have I been doing? Where have I been? And does anyone care?

Well they should - damn you! And here is why. I've been learning things and seeing other people learning things.

For a start I spent a full day at the Dailymotion office seeing what the guys there are up to and how they work. I interviewed them on video about the pace of change and how easy it is to fall behind. The video will be on-line in a few weeks time. The rushes are looking fascinating.

They talked about how, today, standing still means that effectively you are going backwards. In the fast paced world they live in, the video web world, we can see that is true. But perhaps we can all see that, in all of our lives. So how do we cope with that? The answer would seem to be simple. It's as simple as keeping your eye out for new ideas and new things going on. The hard part is getting yourself in the position where having your eyes open means that they might actually see something interesting.

Sitting around at home isn't a good place.

But a better example was right under my nose on that very shoot. Helping me out was Stuart Arnott from The Red Planet. Now Stuart is a top producer himself. He doesn't need to come down and help me out. He has better things to do. But in fact Stuart himself has realised that getting out and about, seeing what other people do, how they work - that is a 'better thing to do'. Working with other people, shadowing them is a good place to learn new ideas.

We probably all know the story that Google suggests its staff spend 20% of their time on self development and new ideas.

Do we all do the same? And keep that up? So todays new ideas for film makers is - get yourself in places where you can find more new ideas!

On Saturday I will be at a seminar by Bruce Block talking about The Visual Story - so expect some insights from that soon. It's about structure, for directors - so a bridge between writing and directing. Maybe see you there.

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