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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Google Earth for films - first on Earth? Maybe.

As part of my whole Google Earth script thing going on at the moment I did an extra bit of work - as I do. This is based on a light hearted road movie documentary that I did a few years ago called "Wimborne Road - is it too long?". As you can see from the image above I used a map interface (on screen all the time) for the film - as I've always been keen on new ways to present stories.

Now I've replaced all that and you can watch the film right in Google Earth.

Simply download this file and open it from Google Earth. If you don't have Google Earth then get it, its free.

If you click the play button then I fly you through the journey. Want to watch any of the adventure then simply click the little map pin and YouTube shows you the relevant bit. Genius.

Not sure if its a World's first etc. But maybe.

Click here to download the kmz file.

1 comment:

Tim Clague said...

what quite happens when you click to download the kmz file would seem to depend a lot on your browser. I suggest using a right click to save as