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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Check out... or not... who knows

To help me with my new script my good friend Steve Keevil has been feeding in some links to me. These are social networking / on line, off line / 'distances we put between ourselves' tit bits. He has been doing it for the past 4 weeks or so. He is a one man story dust collector.

Here are some of the things he found that may be of wider interest... or not... but probably...

This movie is being funded by donations and shares - they have nearly half a million pounds so far. Not chump change. (note: check out the Mr Vista style of the thermometer)
Dropbox is in beta. But it will be great for writers. It is a place to upload your files to and then access them from anywhere. Perfect for people on the move or collaborating or wanting to show stuff to producers etc and change it live.
The media 2.0 workgroup is a collective of thinkers on the future of media. Good for anyone who wants to work in the media and keep ahead.
MyLatestPiece shows how you can use the new Google friend connect to add comments to your static website or film. Good for drawing up a fan base. I wish we had this when Circumference was first launched.
BrightKite is social networking based on location - so online yet offline!
Seesmic is getting a lot of press elsewhere - but is essentially a forum that runs on video rather than text.

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