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Thursday, May 22, 2008

As regular readers will know I am working on a new script about the gap between the offline and online world - with google earth being a metaphor. In fact, that's not what its about at all (its about the distances that people create between each other) but everyone always remembers the Google Earth bit.

Why Google Earth? Well, for me, it examines the idea that we all love the distance it offers. The fact that we look at the world from above and from a safe vantage point. People are messy. Maps are safe.

Last night I met up with cartographer Elanor McBay as part of my research and exploration around this idea. She says the big difference between maps in the past and maps now (eg maps online) is that now you are always at the centre. That's a fundamental shift. And an idea that I may try to get in to the script somehow.

But she also had another idea from her writing days that reminded me of the Bruce Block graph. She says she would also struggle with a story until she drew a map of it. Just one more new idea around visualizing words. Rock on.

Image from this blog.


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kind of put forward as a joke on the west wing - but these ideas were important in the 70s and early 80s