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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

(zero) dollar baby

Stephen King has done a simple deal for years. A deal that is seen a series of films made under (what he calls) a dollar baby deal. These aren't the famous films that you may know. These are shorts adapted from his work, for festival use, for student film makers. For the rights to adapt he charges one dollar. The exact deal is written about here.

I'm no Stephen King. But then I can't spend dollars either. But I do have a bunch of short scripts sitting around gathering dust. They are yours if you want - under a creative commons license. In short...

As you can see from the licence you are free to adapt and alter this script.

All I ask for is:

  • a clear credit.
  • that you honour the spirit of this agreement and upload and share the result of your work.
  • that if you don’t get paid, I don’t. If you do, I do.
  • that if you plan to profit financially from the final work (or you do profit via ad revenue downlaods of the final film from example) then let me know and we will come to very simple arrangement.

The four scripts are:
The Banderilla Technique - a 20 minute thriller, single set, in the style of Jacob's Ladder
The Completist - a light hearted dialogue free (ie international) film about a man who stops collecting after ebay takes all the fun out of it and learns how to create instead
Frames - a rich poignant film, single set, about a man on his last day in a film shop as digital takes over. Elements of Blow Up and Rear Window
WaterColours - a half hour drama set in a school

Are these scripts my best work? No. They are my work from the past, as I was learning. But I share them here in the spirit of learning from each other and getting films made! My hope is that some directors and producers in need of a script may find this an okay place to start.

Perhaps other bloggers have already done this - if so let me know and I'll link. Or perhaps they will join me?

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.


dwlt said...

Thanks for sharing these, Tim. Very useful for a beginning screenwriter like me!

OrphanPixels said...

Pleased to have discovered these. Think I'm a better film-maker than I am a writer! Going to give these a read.

Many thanks!