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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Teddy and the Moon

Just a quick share of my recent half hour script that is in for the IWC / Ch4 coming up scheme. You have until the end of the week if you want to get in your entry and steal the prize from me!

After being given 2 weeks ‘to get his head together’ by the advertising agency he works for Jimjam (James) seeks solace with his brother, a chaplain.
They set off together on a mission to use Jimjam’s marketing knowledge and persuading skills to debunk psychics, clairvoyants and other pseudo-science frauds.
However, as Jimjam reflects upon his life he draws a far more controversial conclusion – that religion is the biggest fraud of all.
Has his life all been spin?

If you fancy it then here is the 2 page proposal and script.

Cover art by Darcy Ripley


Lucy said...

Bloody hell, is everyone entering Coming Up?

I sent my entry in today, so the answer appears to be: yes.


Tim Clague said...

Sorry to make you guys compete against the genius of The Clague