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Monday, April 14, 2008

offline / online

Today has been a day of being offline, but talking about being online. What does that mean? The balance of our online world and our offline (ie real) world has never been more crucial.

I met up with the great guys at who are trying to build a film maker friendly site. But our meeting was offline.
Then I met an actress who doesn't have a facebook account. She prefers offline conversations.
And then I met a great fellow filmmaker Nick Scott to talk about my new script (about google earth) as he always has a great take on things. I wanted to talk to Nick about this online idea in person! By now my head hurt. Anyway, he loved the idea. And as we talked about it I realised that the online / offline balance was a thing that really is an issue for us all. It isn't just in my script - it had been in my working day. There has been a lot of discussion about work / life balance. But now we have a new issue. How do we balance our facebook friends with our real friends? And how do we balance our virtual audience with real bums on seats.

Don't just leave a comment. Talk to me about it when you see me! Offline.


OnMeJack said...

I've been edited out.

that upsets me.

Tim Clague said...

I can in fact confirm to all readers that you were there. However I believe not being mentioned is a good thing in that regard. It was your good online / offline balance that inspired the post itself!

OnMeJack said...

i demand a front page acknowledgement, and explanation of how it was a good thing and an inspired by credit.

or your being hearing from my 'people'

OnMeJack said...

you'll be hearing


Tim Clague said...

Of course the whole point of this post is about not always being on-line anyway. So you shouldn't even be reading this

OnMeJack said...

so if somebody posts something online and theres nobody around to read it.

does it exist?

Tim Clague said...

or more importantly - does the post-er exist?