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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

New outline

I started on a new spec project today. It is built around three of my long-term themes. But so you can agree or disagree with that statement - here is the pitch. Current title is Travelled and Moved.

In 25 words...
Bizzare things are sometimes spotted in Google Earth. They need solving. Enter Kelly. She has 7124 MySpace friends but hasn’t gone outside in 5 years.

When you click ‘add friend’ – that’s Kelly Scott’s code. But she has reached burn out.

Management offers a solution that ‘helps everyone’. She is to tour the country for the interactive map division. Strange images have been found in the sateillite photos. Someone needs to go and check them for themselves.

Can the girl who made us all social networkers – network within society?
Kelly’s journey is a conduit to allow us to meet a series of disconnected and disenfrachised characters and hear their stories. Each is a facet of the overall theme; that a lack of inter-personal skills can be disasterous. We all love other people, yet seem incredibly fearful of them.
We are now offered the possibly of travelling without moving, to see the whole world from above. But sometimes we need to get onto the ground, get our hands dirty, find not just connections and links, but understanding.

One: New structures. This is an episodic structure that features a passive central character - or rather a character who is a voyeur. So a few challenges there. And if any blog readers can think of good examples of voyeuristic central characters then let me know for my research.

Two: New visual techniques. I am imagining using some Mr Vista visual stylings - but in less stupid way. In a more Annie Hall way.

Three: New distribution. Clearly plenty of opportunities to explore new companies to tie-in with here and use for marketing, creation and distribution.

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potdoll said...

Brick Lane has a passive character. possibly voyeuristic too I can't quite remember.

Tim Clague said...

Got the film here - will check it out

OnMeJack said...

Have you seen the comic book Global Frequency by Warren Ellis?

If not i can lend it to you.

Tim Clague said...

If you think its worthwhile I'll just get it

OnMeJack said...

yeah, I'd recommend it just as a comic, but i think that it has themeatic similareitys.

essentially there is a global frequency that selected people are on to help stop terrorism and other disasters.

it was developed into a tv show but never aired.

well worth a check.

OnMeJack said...

This idea has really stuck with me all day.

i look forwars to hearing how it develops

Tim Clague said...

me too. but then I've been sweating over the storydust of it all

Matt Hanson said...

also check this:

recommend global frequency - the pilot because it was unaired was leaked on the internets. very good.

Tim Clague said...

Thanks Matt