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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Right now

Currently up snowdon with Clay Lowe. This is a guy who lives "the hero's journey" rather than thinking about it. He certainly got me to think about my own writing with some good advice on how I could do more.

He uses the mountain as a metaphor for a script. We climb it one step at a time, just as we write one page at a time. But it also seems daunting. Sometimes we don't always want to climb that mountain. Clay explores why? And he is a wise man. For me its about time management, for other people it might be something else. Only you can know what stops you getting to the summit. So a great and informative walk.

Scenery is great too!


Anonymous said...

Currently up Snowdon? Oh yeah, right! More like currently in swanky hotel after sauntering up lower slopes, whilst others lugged up the equipment!

Blog lies = TV lies 2.0

Hope it went well "up Snowdon", writing your blog!

Tim Clague said...

anonymous = name lies.

Anyway - we did it all with green screen really

Clay Lowe said...

And I trust you cranked out some words on your script today!


Tim Clague said...

I did not Clay. It was important to catch up and spend some time with my wife. So that mountain peak remains distant.

Anonymous said...

Ah the good old green screen in the boardroom. That's the way to do it ... and stick that white flag pole somewhere convenient!