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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Bless the Little Chef

Quick thought - is one problem with British film that we are embarrassed of our culture in some way instead of using it.

As an example, consider a road movie, a Thelma & Louise style journey. If our heroines were to want a bite to eat (and therefore offer the writer a rare opportunity to get the couple interacting with others and perhaps hopefully into some conflict) where would they go? In the US they would go to the diner, see below. Obviously. Its their thing. Kind of. Not many are actually left now.

But what if it was set in the UK? We seem to be ashamed to set a scene in a tearoom - see above. Perhaps because it seems too everyday. We think other people won't be interested. But they will be. Just as we like to see Amelie's version of Paris.

So be bold. Set films in a Little Chef. Don't make our films a copy of other people's. Use what we have. Cherish it. That's why "Withnail & I" is always in the top 10 British films.

Note: this advice to writers and filmmakers wherever they may live.

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