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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A film by...

Okay. This guy can say 'a film by' as he made the whole feature on his own. Premiere is April 1st apparently in Odeon Leicester Square!

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The Uncle said...

Hats off to the guy for this amazing achievement. I saw an interview with him a little while back and during the making of the film he actually spent most of that time completely alone. I'm don't think this was an intentional thing it just kind of happened and it sent him a little stir crazy.

The knock on effect of doing it all yourself is that there is a danger of your film never getting done and Geoff Searle's film is no exception. I can't remember how long he said it had taken to make, and there is no info about that on the site but I know it was a very long time (the site was built in 2004). Just like a scriptwriter there is also a danger of just sitting on your work for too long, shaping it and perfecting it but really just keeping it hidden away for fear of rejection.

It's a good publicity stunt but at the end of it all is the film actually any good?