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Monday, March 03, 2008

Bad news for all?

The above photo is just about the only good bit of news in the Media Guardian today. The MG has usually been a bit of a giggle recently as it has shifted more and more across to new media. But this week its all gone the shape of a certain fruit, perhaps a pear!

TV news: ITV in difficulties again and with a new boss
Film: oscars had falling viewing figures
online: facebook in decline and advertising falling
Press: local newspapers losing 10% circulation a year

I am currently in the crew bus on route to a shoot. Soundman Mark says its all due to an impending recession. Perhaps so. And the danger is that so much of modern media is funded by advertising making it (and therefore us) vulnerable.

But there is a vaccine, an antibody, that we all have that we can use. It's passion. The business may flux but our energy must not. So long as we have a story to tell and people want to hear it then it has to work out!


Lucy said...

Back in the day I trained as a journo and was surprised to find that most regional newspapers are owned by BIG companies and treated as a tax loss. this was back in the 90s so they've been fucked for ages yet still continue. Even magazines are screwed in terms of money - apparently Kerrang! was the only magazine that made a profit last year. But I still think there will ALWAYS be print media.

Robert Hogan said...

While I agree with you, the reality is that passion won't put food on the table. Wile I don't mind working for deferment on my own projects it's hard to find quality people to crew productions under the same terms, especially as money gets tight and booking a free gig can interfere with the increasingly scarce paying gigs.

Tim Clague said...

Lucy - true. Just as there will always be film.

Robert - no passion won't put food on the table. So we all have tough choices to make. But those that quit now when the money is going won't be the people I want to work with.