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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Anthony Minghella

Just a quick link to my post about a talk I attended by the now late Anthony Minghella. I was always a fan of his energy and his commitment to his writing roots. That is why as a tribute to him I have decided to not talk about his films but rather keep his advice alive and share it again.

Here is a short summary of his advice to us all:

1: There are no such things as acts. Follow the emotional story and the reasoning of your characters.
2: As a director you only get paid for your taste. Do not compromise.
3: The script (and remember he is a writer) is a guide to allow exciting things to happen.
4: Directing is a balance between 'playing the game' and being an anarchist. Ask difficult questions. From the asking comes interesting things.
5: Why do we do all this? Why tell stories? Cinema and storytelling is there to smash the jail that we've put ourselves in.

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