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Friday, February 29, 2008

What makes a short film successful?

Added bit: You can now download my scripts and adapt them for free under a creative commons license - from here.

My film making friend and co-writer Suki emailed me with some good news. His film is number one on the BT vision download store. Which is great for a short. But why is it number one. I asked him for the blog. What makes a short film successful and sellable? Here is his reply...

Interesting provocative title: Rubber Johnny
A synopsis to get you interesting and a sexy picture
Price – 99p isn’t much of a gamble
Chart position validates the film – so others will take the plunge too
The film has also been given the CULT status by BT alongside other famous cult films
A 3 minute film will not take long to download

All of which is really about general film marketing good practice. Except the last point. Shorter is now better. Especially as shorter will also be cheaper. Point 3 is also a good one as some people will want to try the service out. But spending £15 just to try it is a bigger gamble.

Other news...
Type in "scriptwriters on blogger" into google and you get Danny Stack.
Type in "filmmakers on blogger" and you get - you guessed it - this very blog. Ahhh.

Image from Rubber Johnny. I hope the sexy picture drew you in!
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Anonymous said...

Don't forget it might get downloaded, clicked, tried once, but does a good title, short attendtion spand, sex drive etc. make it a GOOD film? Fame can be had just by killing a lot of people or exposing yourself at a concert but is it good? Who are these "filmmakers" are they filmmakers or are they snake oil sales persons with a camera? Cult is another word for the phrase "why not?" Anyway different people get around to making "goog" films and becoome good filmmakers in many different ways. Just a reminder that keep the real prize in mind, good.
Ralph Ackerman, Founder and Director
Film Program sAnnes

Tim Clague said...

Correct Ralph - and good to see you on here. I've seen you many times at Cannes and are always impressed by your passion for shorts.

We have covered many times on this blog what makes a good film.

But then it has often been pointed out to me that good films are not always successful - hence the reason for this post.