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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mr Vista update

Here is a behind the scenes update of the Mr Vista project for all my fellow writers and internet film makers.

Stats: 20,000 views so far. Which is a good start. Episode 1 is still more popular than Episode 2. A challenge will be to keep the audience from one and bring them along while trying to gain new viewers.

Format: However it is clear that people prefer the much shorter duration. 1 minute long would seem to be ideal. Dailymotion have branded up a Mr Vista page for me - and he has his own blog. These special branded sites seem to be less important than I initially believed, but they are a good 'nice to have'.

Topics: What is a surprise is that the audience does not seem to be IT types / geeks / nerds etc. Instead is seems to be those who struggle with technology.

Audience: Good international mix - which I'm really pleased about. Hatred of progress bars would seem to unite us a race - which is nice.

Dialogue with audience: A more tricky proposition. But some good challenges coming in from the audience. One request is to explore more issues than just the progress bar - which I may do in season 2. One guy said this... "Maybe Mr Vista could upgrade to Vista in an episode! He could become unchained from the constraints of Windows XP and be able to go about his life without a progress bar! Perhaps the spinning orb above his head, like a halo!! We could feature his positive experiences in the magazine!" He is from Vista magazine. But obviously his approach wouldn't sit well with the audience that is building so far. And to thy audience be true. It's all part of keeping 'a contract' with them. Lastly though a good idea inspired by feedback - Mr Vista could have some fun with a buffering video. Some people get a buffer sign - Mr Vista could interact with it. Genius.

Real World: Interaction with the real world would seem to be important. So Mr Vista is seen as relevant and happening right now. Blog style. So expect a special Valentine's episode soon.

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