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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

In action

I'm sure a few of you regular readers will remember my postings about the idea of Gravity. In fact, the link there takes you to the very first time it was publicly aired a couple of years ago. Right here on the blog.

To recap very quickly, the idea is about drawing people towards you, rather than you always chasing them. And it came from the spirit of blogging and pitching. However this idea is taking off elsewhere. I gave a talk a couple of weeks ago to a large private bank, the kind that has a large office in the City but is so extravagant that it wastes most of the space on a massive reception area. Anyway, these guys loved it and are using it, as are parts of HSBC now. It is very strange to overhear other people talking about 'good gravity'. It's kind of like if you had invented the 3 act structure or something.

Anyway, they had to pay several thousands of pounds for it. Here it is for you guys for nothing. Cos I love you all. And its all about giving something back. Clearly a slight interpretation is needed as this video talks about customers and you may need to replace that in your mind with producers etc. It talks about 'sales' and you would have to think about 'pitching'. But you'll get the idea, as you all very clever!

1 comment:

Danny Stack said...

"Good gravity." My all new favourite phrase! Legend.