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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Film is dead - so they say (kinda)

If you wonder about the future of film and the future sources of business for your ideas and scripts then this article will be of mucho interest to your good self. It is about a current music conference in NY. The topic of which is nothing short of a total reconstruction of the music biz. It is often said that film follows the music trend with regards to business hence my interest. The larger players are struggling to think through their role and considering how to downsize as the new digital sources of revenue don't match the loss from decreasing CD sales. Here is an extract from former EMI exec Ted Cohen ...

Consider the statements that were made today without controversy:
  • DRM on purchased music is dead
  • A utility pricing model or flat-rate fee for music might be the way to go
  • Ad-supported streaming music sites like iMeem are legitimate players
  • Indie music accounts for upwards of 30 percent of music sales
  • Napster isn't losing $70 million per quarter (and is breaking even)
  • The music business is a bastion of creativity and experimentation

Now replace music with film - or TV. This is what I called film2.0 - except that seems cheesy now as everyone is using terms like this. If, or rather when, these changes occur for us what will that mean? Does this change how we write or the genres we should concentrate on? Do people expect different kinds of stories in this new world - or not?

What is crucial is the last point in the list. This is true for us. We, as writers and film makers, have to get our hands dirty here. The business guys aren't sure where to go, that is obvious. They need our help. If you have a great idea for a Bebo series - write to Bebo. They won't write to you.

People 'know' what they want from a feature script. No one knows what they want from this DRM free world. They don't know if they want Circumference style features or Mr Vista style shorts. So they don't know the form let alone what kind of stories. We are writers - so we should write. (and send it in obviously).

Image from here. Good to see David Mellor keeping busy.
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Anonymous said...

they might not write to you - but google etc are definitely watching/noting - see your statcounter hits from Tempe Arizona...
could be skysong

Anonymous said...

sounds like there's a great film to be made about how the internet changed the music business. From mp3, through napster's paradigm shift, iTunes and iPods making digital music mobile, and finally imeem becoming the youtube of music.