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Monday, February 25, 2008

Don't forget

The other day (when I went to Jersey) I did forget my toothbrush. What I didn't forget was to enter these two competitions. I hope you won't either.

A pitch in time is a competition to win a ticket for the Screenwriters Festival. Quick outline is - a 25 word pitch followed by a 150 word outline. So very quick to enter. No excuses.

The second is one run by the Met Film School in London and is a chance to take part in a 6 month (a few days a month) development scheme, including keeping all rights and getting paid. More here.

The best part about both schemes is that they offer industry development as core to the process. I see this as a trend. Some writers look down on this. But getting development is more than just getting the actual help. It's great for your CV, good contacts are made AND its good for your gravity. The best writers always have an open mind - and that should also apply to learning and developing your scripts and yourself. At courses I've run I've had OSCAR nominees in the audience. Why? Because there seems to be a link between those that always seek to improve and those that do well. Obvious really.

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