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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What makes a good script

Added bit: You can now download my scripts and adapt them for free under a creative commons license - from here.

Here is an interesting email I recieved. Check it out for a quick peek into what script readers are looking for...

Hello Projector Films:

I enjoyed browsing your website this evening - and found your screenwriting resources to be interesting and informative.

I work for Abbot Management - a Screenplay Management and Representation company. We currently employ 15 Script Readers and we do something unique in the entertainment Industry - in that we always share our Readers coverage with the Screenwriters who submit material to us - free of cost. We need it for our own purposes, and figure why not share.

Last week we posted our Reader Rubric online that helps define our readers comments / suggestions - for example, what criteria gives charecters a 2/5 or dialoge a 4/5. I was hoping that you might post a link on your website - as its a valubable checklist for Screenwriters and we offer a valuable free service to screenwriters.


Tim Lambert
Abbot Management

Check it out. A good reminder of the hoops to jump through if you choose to go that way. It's almost a guide to what makes a good script and what makes a great screenplay and film.

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