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Monday, January 14, 2008

Too many ideas

3 times in a week this thought has come across my eyeballs. Can we have too many new ideas (I hope not for the sake of this blog). Here is just one quote - from here.

Perhaps the greatest challenge for a creative group is to consume it's creative juice sparingly. Creative people, regardless of their commitment to a cause, are more likely to exchange ideas than take steps to push any one idea forward. Why? Idea generation is an addiction. It is an engaging, brain-spinning indulgence that must be practiced in moderation.

New ideas have the potential to transform your life in wonderful ways, but they are also the most notorious source of distraction. Frustrated entrepreneurs and struggling creatives often trace back their problems to a moment when they decided to pursue too many things at once.

So, drink in moderation. Hire “designated drivers” that are more cynical and have the power to keep you focused. And strive to make ideas happen, rather than just generate more ideas.

I agree - but would also counter with the same analogy. Drink something different when you get the chance.

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