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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My recommendation

As you may know I have a poor track record when it comes to seeing the films I love being recognised in the 'proper' awards. But the BAFTA and OSCAR nominations are in!

Now I can't outline the exact details of what I have voted for. But I will say this. I'm a big fan of Juno and I recommend it to you all. The other films are all excellent. But Juno is special. Why? Because it doesn't take the easy drama route. It's about a teenage girl (called Juno!) who becomes pregnant by her boyfriend (who isn't a full on nerd or jock). So obviously this means a big arguement with Pops then for a bit of dramatic tension. Nope. He is concerned, but wants to do the best for his daughter. So does this make it dull, lacking it drama, with no peril, deficient in 'stakes' - no - none of it. It gives it charm. It probably won't win. But you shouldn't care. Juno wouldn't.

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