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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Another way to get some £££ or $$$

Here is an extract from Lucy's blog that I found interesting...

Hi All,

How would you like a small part in making a dream a reality? Are you up for a small pledge?

Iain Cash and I are trying to raise funds for our feature film - no, don't tune out just yet - and we have found a way we might be able to do it, through a site called Indie Maverick.

What happens is that people pledge small amounts (minimum of $50 USD, which is roughly £25 - £30) and the pledges - not the cash - are stored. If we reach our target of $500,000 everyone chips in with their pledge, and if we don't make our target, no one pays anything.

So you only have to make good on your pledge if we raise all the $500,000 or £250,000 good old English pounds.

The project is THE LAST BRITISH EXECUTION, a comedy/satire, inspired by the tone of THE THICK OF IT, the BAFTA winning BBC3 show.

It's a good script, got an 'Honorable Mention' in international screenwriting contest 2007, and has also been entered into others.

We hope that Iain will direct. View his IMDB link here.

And visit Indie Maverick if you would like to make a pledge.

Script is available to be read if you wish and if we get it made everyone gets a cut of the profits and a special edition DVD of the film.


I like Peter's proposal and the fact it clues into some 'modern' ideas - pledges, using crowds, small amounts of cash etc. And I also like his use of old-school achievements like the fact it has done well in the contest. But it needs a bit more of that.

What I think Peter has missed a trick on is stating some personal opinion - why he wants to make it and what it would mean to him. On a similar thread why this film is important. Not everyone will be a film fan, but they might help a film if they know it looks at the issue of - say - human rights (just as an example). It is very unlikely that this film will see a profit so I'm not giving my fifty bucks as a monetary investment. But I might do it for an ethical investment, because I believe its a good thing to do.

Lastly, a bit more meat on the bones in terms who might be in it if the money comes through would be good. Very annoying I know, but there you go.

Just my thoughts as an outsider.


deepstructure said...

i agree with you tim. i really like the pledge idea. however, i'm pretty sure most folks don't normally invest in a script unless they've read the script and believe in the project.

unless of course, you're entrusting you money to a fund manager type situation - but then you trust the manager to pick good projects.

other than iain's imdb page, who are these guys and why would i invest in a comedy/satire inspired by a tv show?

although im tempted to pledge some money just because i like to support my fellow artists - and if they can raise $500,000 worth of pledges then the probably deserve to make it happen, i do think we need a more solid business model to work with than just an email asking for donations.

deepstructure said...

well, tried to follow that link - it's to an imdbpro page. so much for that.

Tim Clague said...

The info is also available on "normal" IMDB. I actually believe that simply asking for donations is enough. But if you ask the Swarm of Angels guys they will tell you it takes a while. In conclusion its about passion not investment - perhaps

deepstructure said...

im sure asking for donations is enough for now, or perhaps in individual cases - but as a paradigm for the future we'll need something better than relying on the kindness of strangers.

Lucy said...

Having read Pete's script, I think you make a great point about ethical investment Tim: it has a strong message as a film, so Pete could use this to attract interest this way.

However, is it not more likely that people will want to just read the script and make up their own minds? And Pete does offer a read should people want to see for themselves.

Lucy said...

Sorry reading that back it sounds arsey and it's not meant to be.

I mean:

I would probably only invest in a film if I'd read it. There are many great ideas out there executed badly, so I would want to know my money is going somewhere resembling a film, as opposed to an incoherent mess. Not so much for the profits or even the ethics, but just because, if I was going to invest, I want a REAL PRODUCT to have come out of it.

Tim Clague said...

I guess what I'm saying Lucy is that most people who are thinking about chucking in a few quid for a few aren't going to read the script. Reading a script is too difficult if you've not seen one before. And for a project like this to succeed it needs to be attractive to non-filmy types.

Take my mum. She works in Oxfam. If she heard of a film that tackled issues of poverty she might get a group of her friends together and they stump up £100 between them. They would do this without the script. But they would want to know the credentials of the film maker (not just professionally but also as an advocate of the cause) AND also more about the hopes of the film to change the world.

Script should still be available to download of course for those that are interested.