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Monday, December 24, 2007

Personal Currency

Peter Travers (from Rolling Stone magazine) got me thinking. "Why?", I hear you ask in your Christmas fuelled excitement.

Well its film awards season at the moment. BAFTAs Oscars etc. And that means I'm on a diet of about 2 films a day. And reading lots of Screen Internationals and Hollywood Reporters. In these mags are lots of adverts - and these adverts have lots of quotes on them.

I can guaretee that 50% of these adverts will contain a quote from Peter Travers. Easily. He must like EVERYTHING. Now I'm an upbeat guy. I find something to like in most films. But I might not recommend it. Why? Because my word. my opinion would get devalued. Like when the Germans in the 30s tried to make the country richer by just printing more money. It doesn't work. As each note (or each review in this case) is just seen as being worth less and less.

I now don't take Peters word for what is a good film. And this is something we must all watch out for. As readers, collobaorters, as reviewers. Our word must have a high value.

As you can see from this ripped out page - the film in question is 'There Will be Blood'. This is, in fact, a towering and incredible film with scope and vision. The cast is excellent all round and Daniel Day Lewis is being singled out - and I can see why. This film deals with the issue of people having goals that are too strong and narrow - that passion and greed are dangerous. However, for me, I would still recommend the much smaller film Juno above it for the sparkly dialogue by Diablo Cody.

Merry Christmas to you all. Expect a special Christmas and New Year greeting very soon.

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