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Saturday, December 01, 2007

My lecture - Monday

If you fancy learning something on Monday then come on down to Bournemouth University in your lunch hour. I'm giving a one hour special lecture on narrative film making. It's going to be fast paced, high energy and interactive. And free. And cool. It's for people who are just starting out on film making - ie first year students - but all blog readers welcome also. Hope to see you there and make sure you introduce yourself.

Place: The Stevenson Lecture Theatre, Bournemouth Uni
Time: 1-2pm
Date: Monday 3rd Dec 2007

If you come along I'll explain the picture above.

The materials...

The Powerpoint, The check list (as a word doc), one of the style sheets, the '10 seconds' film.


Lucy said...

Any chance you can make it 12 - 1pm?

Tim Clague said...

Hmmm. Let me just rearrange the schedule of 300 students and get back to you.

Lucy said...

Damn you Clague, I detect sarcasm... are you telling me you're not prepared to move heaven and earth for me?! Clearly you are not the man I thought you were.*SOB*

Tim Clague said...

Clearly. But I'm sure this confirms that I am the man you really thought I was.

Sal said...

Hope it went well! Another string to your bow

Tim Clague said...

indeed. a good show. but I'm £5 down - which I'll explain later!