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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Leadership in Hollywood - the new way

In a recent issue of Hollywood Reporter there was a fascinating section on film business leaders. It was called 'Innovative Voices'. You know something is mainstream when the HR writes about it - next to a special article about Oprah. Again.

It was interesting what these business leaders were saying about alternative distributions and new art forms. And you also know that us small guys have to keep on the hop with our imaginative writing and film making if the big boys are breathing down our necks. They are into things we were talking about 2 years ago when this blog started. So now - we have to be 2 years ahead.

Here is a quote from one of the five 'big boys' mentioned in the article. Why - its big cheese Peter Moore who is president of EA Sports. He says unto us...

"We just had a watershed moment in entertainment in that fewer people wanted to go to movie theatres because they were at home playing Halo 3"

But its not all that well written. Guys!!! Where are you??? Let's get in there.

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